Independent Sprint PCS
PRL Interpretations


The documents on this page are independent interpretations of PRLs that Sprint PCS and Virgin Mobile USA users may encounter. While we make every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of these interpretations, we cannot guarantee that the information is correct. The interpretations are based on data from public sources (as opposed to the private databases used by wireless carriers), which at times we have found to be inaccurate and/or incomplete.

Carrier Notes

Sprint reportedly charges a $15 fee for PRL updates performed in a Sprint store, even when an update is required to correct roaming problems. This fee is waived for customers who subscribe to the ESRP handset insurance plan. To avoid the fee, contact Sprint data technical support on *2 and ask to have your account flagged for an over-the-air PRL update.

Recently, Sprint has released a series of handsets offering only CDMA1900 capability. In many cases, Sprint does not include NEG entries for foreign systems. This means your handset will attempt to roam on any available CDMA carrier, even in the absence of a roaming agreement with Sprint. If you are being routed to the "American Roaming Network" and have such a handset, this is likely the cause of your issue.


Release date Vision Power Vision (non-ERI)
2/9/04 10023 (none)
5/29/04 10024 (none)
10/8/04 10025 (none)
2/22/05 10026 (none)
5/1/05 10027 (none)
6/1/05 10028 (none)
8/15/05 10029 (none)
1/6/06 10030 (none)
2/17/06 10031 (none)
4/17/06 10032 (none)
6/16/06 10033 (none)
8/8/06 10034 (none)
9/15/06 10035 20224
12/5/06 10036 20225
2/19/07 10037 20226
4/1/07 10039 20227
7/31/07 10040 20229
2/14/08 (none) 20230
6/1/08 (none) 20231
7/16/08 (none) 20232

Terms Of Use

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