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On CDMA handsets, roaming is controlled via a configuration file called the PRL. This page provides independent interpretations of PRLs issued by select CDMA carriers in North America. The information can be useful in deciding whether to update your PRL, and in determining where roaming coverage might be available during your travels.

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Questions? Complaints? Corrections? Feedback is always welcome! We also welcome submissions of new PRL files (from all carriers, not just the ones listed above) for interpretation. Our e-mail address is feedback [at] You must include the word feedback in the subject line, or your message will be automatically discarded by the junk filter.


Special thanks to XFF for providing numerous updates and corrections to originally published versions of this documentation, and for creating the most comprehensive database of SIDs that has ever been compiled from public sources. Using XFF's database, Mathwhiz kindly developed an automated tool to generate PRL interpretations on the fly (which freed up my weekends from hacking these together by hand). And, of course, thanks to Justa Lurker (wherever he is) for laying the foundation for this work.

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